Fast lane access to Earth observation data

SkyWatch provides a digital infrastructure for the distribution of Earth observation data and derived intelligence. EarthCache™ is a single access point to data and advanced processing algorithms for insurance companies.


Multiple sources, one platform

By aggregating Earth observation data from many industry-leading sources into a single platform, EarthCache provides your team with the ability to cut your data integration costs, simplify your data searches, and create a reliable stream of actionable intelligence for your insurance company.

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How satellite data help insurance companies save money


A tree farm in Brno, Czech Republic

Verify claims without sending a team on-site

With easy access to reliable information on a specific area of interest at different times, insurers can verify claims from their computers by looking at pre and post-incident images, without the need to send a team on-site.


Better assessment of risks

By looking through time-series images over a property and surrounding areas, taken at different months and during different conditions (after a heavy rain, under the summer heat, in the winter snow), insurers can more accurately estimate the risks around a property and save on claim costs.

Flooding in Wallace, North Carolina


Burning Man 2017

Monitor project advances

Order weekly images of an area in development to measure progress on site and detect any issues with construction early on.


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