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Easy access to Earth observation data

Integrate Earth observation data into your application in minutes.

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

 The simplest way to get the best Earth observation data for your application


SkyWatch EarthCache™ provides developers with the tools they need to cost-effectively add Earth observation data into their applications and workflows. We remove the complexity out of Earth observation data sourcing and processing so you can focus on what matters.

Whether you are building an app for automated ground change detection, developing a way for your users to monitor remote locations on demand, or building a feature-detection algorithm, SkyWatch provides you with pre-processed future and archive data at affordable rates.


Built for developers


Programmatically search and request the Earth observation data you need from a growing list of satellite data partners.

Schedule pipelines to monitor areas of interest and download any new data minutes after it is made available, all via API. All data available through EarthCache is sent pre-processed and clipped to your exact specifications for faster ingestion.



“The EarthCache platform provides us with the most appropriate high-resolution optical imagery available within the timeframe required. It therefore ensures the fastest turn-around of high resolution optical satellite data that is required for the monitoring of large energy infrastructures.”


Marco Betting

Managing Director, Orbital Eye

Intuitive features, powerful results


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Ready-to-use data

Pre-processed data available in multiple output formats.

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Simple-to-use API to access all data collected by partners.

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Pricing that scales

Pay for what you use. No subscription, no hidden fees.

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You own your algorithm

We will never ask you to share your secrets with us.

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Global distribution

EarthCache data can be distributed globally.

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“The SkyWatch platform has streamlined our ability to integrate continuous satellite monitoring into our existing platforms. The API’s, which include custom parameters, enable us to create a configuration for a client and only receive the data we need, reducing the processing required on our systems.”


Berno Greyling

Co-founder, Revolute Systems


The data you need, one GET call away.

Add high resolution Earth observation data to your application with EarthCache