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SkyWatch provides a digital infrastructure for the assembly, packaging, warehousing, and distribution of Earth observation satellite data, giving satellite data partners a reliable operational advantage.  Through SkyWatch, gain instant access to new markets, while receiving insights on most requested areas and sensors, enabling more efficient and economic data acquisition.

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Data Management & Storage

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Data Fusion & Processing

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Data Distribution Services


EarthCache™ is a cloud-based platform with comprehensive APIs to facilitate machine-to-machine integration, and informative dashboards to monitor usage and key metrics.  Adopting SkyWatch EarthCache within the distribution supply chain eliminates the need to invest in costly infrastructure and technology in order to execute on the global distribution of Earth observation data and intelligence.


A global distribution network with lower risk and higher return

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Increase sales

Every day, hundreds of new data searches are being served through EarthCache. Partnering with SkyWatch will give you instant access to thousands of new customers looking for Earth observation data, raw and processed.

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Reduce costs

Reduce your costs in data storage and distribution infrastructure by relying on SkyWatch. Through SkyWatch EarthCache, you can now move unprecedented volumes of satellite data to new and current customers for a fraction of the cost.

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Increase efficiencies

Thanks to SkyWatch's big data expertise, your dashboard will show you what potential customers are requesting in real-time. Collect and distribute new data to customers simply and efficiently.

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Reduce risks

With SkyWatch EarthCache, you can easily size-up a market before deciding on new sensor or satellite equipment investments, helping make smarter business decisions. By partnering with SkyWatch, you can also ensure your data will get seen by thousands of new customers, instantly.

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