Press & Brand Guidelines


SkyWatch provides a digital infrastructure for the distribution of Earth observation data and derived intelligence. EarthCache™ is a single access point for application developers to the world’s best Earth observation data and advanced processing algorithms.

SkyWatch EarthCache is a cloud-based platform with comprehensive APIs to facilitate machine-to-machine integration, informative dashboards to monitor usage, and an easy-to-use code builder to rapidly develop associated applications. Adopting EarthCache into your development environment eliminates the need for multiple integration points, legal contracts, pricing and payment models, and costly multi-point searches. Instead, EarthCache allows development teams to focus on the business application and in delivering actionable intelligence to the end-user.


Guidelines for logo usage

  • Logo cannot be stretched, distorted, altered, modified or rotated.
  • Logo size must be over 100 px.
  • Coloured logo must be used whenever possible. Black and white versions are to be used when coloured logo cannot be used.
  • Use white space around the logo.
  • Do not use previous versions of the logo.

SkyWatch in the media