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Government agencies

Spend less time searching for the right data

The SkyWatch API helps US scientists efficiently sort through the ever-growing amount of satellite data collected by open data programs, such as Landsat and Sentinel, and collect the data they need in minutes.

By allowing access to multiple data sources through one query location, Skywatch EarthCache has significantly boosted workflow and GIS analysis for scientists.


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Consumer behaviour monitoring


The variety of data formats and vendor technologies makes it extremely time consuming and costly to search and integrate satellite data from multiple satellite providers into a single application.  But limiting the amount of data sources used, to save on infrastructure costs, can mean there are just not enough data over a specific area or date range to gather the necessary information.

EarthCache fully supports the set-up of subscriptions based around your own defined areas of interest, taking in account your minimum-required resolution, start and end date, preferred post-processing options, cloud cover threshold, and more . Whenever new data becomes available that matches your configuration, your team or application will be automatically notified, saving valuable data research time.


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